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[15 Jan 2013|12:19am]
do you believe in magic?

Tales as old as time grew old on those who were hungry for power. Seeing the hero win the girl and hearts of millions was sickening enough but to live as a legend of evil was even worse. To be misunderstood and seen as nothing more than a menace to society became a burden to many who were deemed villains. Within the world of enchanted tales, several villains came together to rise up against the heroes that brought them down.

They wanted them completely out of the picture and, with a great deal of magic, they expelled all of the good to the modern day world. In doing so, they hoped their own world would be left vacant and open for domination. However, they did not expect the spell to go wrong. There was a mistake in the spell that, not only sent the heroes from their home, but the villains as well. Heroes and villains alike awoke one morning in a city known as Philadelphia. Waking with their memories and abilities in tact, each person transported holds a false identity to live by in the modern world. Scattered throughout the city, everyone struggles to discover what happened. Everyone struggles to find their way back home. Will heroes gather together to take down the villain? Will hero align with villain for the sole purpose of getting home?

taken/held [15 Jan 2013|12:15am]
Faces are held for 72 hours with an extension of 48 hours (if one is requested). No challenges are accepted at this time. You may place a new hold if your previous hold (and extension) have expired. If your two holds have expired, you will have to wait another holding period of 72 hours before requesting that particular face and role again. Please note that the only character not available for play is Queen Grimhilde (from Snow White). Names marked with P indicate a pending application.

When placing a hold, provide the pb, story your character is in and their role. If you need an extension or a change in your hold, please post a new comment.

application -- next round of adds 7/10/16 at 10pm est [15 Jan 2013|12:10am]
Click here to submit your application.

contact the mods [15 Jan 2013|12:09am]
Have a question for the mods? Check out our FAQ. You can comment here with any inquiries or examples. We will get back to you as soon asap! All comments are screened for privacy.

wanted storylines [04 Jun 2010|11:21pm]
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